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Please note the asterisks* after various names throughout the index.
* signifies that this particular person appears on our personal genealogy website, and is connected to our family. A great deal of information might be contained on our website for those particular people.  This website can be reached by going to the following site:

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Canter, Dora  
 Canter, Ellen  
 Canter, Joseph E    
Canter, Lucynthia Ellen  
Canter, Mary E (Stewart)   
* Canter, Nellie F   
Canter, Susan   
Canter, W C    
Canter, William A  
* Clay, Thomas A   
Coalson, Anna Ruth 
Cook, John Carson 
Cook, Venie Vance  
Cook, W W  
Cook, William D   
  Countiss, E V 
  Countiss, J F  

 Cowin, Sarah Jane (This was incorrectly transcribed; please see Gowin, Sarah)  

 Crawford, John  
 Crawford, Matilda 
 Cunningham, A J 
 Cunningham, Angeline B 
 Cunningham, Claudie E   
Cunningham, Earl J    
* Cunningham, Goldie S   
 Cunningham, John C 
 Cunningham, Katherine (Fleenor) 
 Cunningham, Kathern June  
 Cunningham, Lucinda  
 Cunningham, Lucy L (Eads)   
* Cunningham, Nancy   
 Cunningham, William B 
  Cunningham, William H   
* Cunningham, Z L 


 Dixon, Susan (Eads) 
 Dixon, W T   
* Dye, Billy W 


  Eads, Clifford E  
 Eads, John T  
  Eads, Sarah F  
  Eads, W K  death certificate


   Felty, Joyce Lee 

  Fleenor, Alfred P  *
  Fleenor, Amanda (Hobbs)  *
Fleenor, Bettie  
, Bram   *
 Fleenor, Casper (Gasper) Fleenor *
Fleenor, Dora Alice   *
Fleenor, Edith B 
Fleenor, Ellen (Taylor)  *
 Fleenor, Eliza A (Dixon)  *
Fleenor, Gasper S   * 
 * Fleenor, Gene Allen   * obituary 
Fleenor, Gilbert B   *
Fleenor, Gladys Nannie (Hutton)   *
Fleenor, Harvy J  *
Fleenor, Isaac B   *
Fleenor, J Hu D  
* Fleenor, James Roger    obituary 
Fleenor, Jeremiah  
Fleenor, Jinnie   
* Fleenor, Joe Bascom   *
Fleenor, John D   
Fleenor, Julia M  *
Fleenor, Justin A   *
Fleenor, Lillie Mae    
Fleenor, Lola   * 

Fleenor, Louvenia - 15 Oct 1868 - 29 Sep 1869; *
daughter of of Jeremiah & Ellen (Taylor) Fleenor 
(no stone found in 2007)

 * Fleenor, Lula Statzer Harless    
Fleenor, Lyity M   
Fleenor, Marg  *
(assumed to be Margaretha (Andtes) Fleenor)

 Fleenor, Margaret E   * 
  Fleenor, Margaret Lois        
 Fleenor, Martha V (Bridges)  * obituary    
 Fleenor, Mary E  * 

   Fleenor, Mary White - (incorrectly indexed)
see Mary "Polly" (Fleenor) White

Fleenor, Pascal   *
    Fleenor, Rachel Anne  *     
 * Fleenor, Ruth Ann F    
Fleenor, T J   
 * Fleenor, Tronie (Stewart)  * obituary 
 Fleenor, Umphrey G   *      
 Fleenor, Vernon Jesse   *   
Fleenor, Wiley H  *
 * Fleenor, William Andrew II "Drew" * obituary 
* Fleenor, William Andrew "Andy" * obituary 
 Fleenor, William L  * 
 * French, Jack Phillip    

* not listed in "High on a Windy Hill" index


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