Fleenor Baptist Memorial 
Washington County, Virginia, USA  

Cemetery transcription and all photos 
by Valerie Boman and Debra Branigan, June 2007



      Note:  We are using the name "Fleenor Baptist Memorial Cemetery" to be consistent 
with the well-known book "High on a Windy Hill" by Catherine Sanders McConnell.   
Each person noted in Fleenor Baptist Memorial Cemetery in this book is listed below. 
If we were able to find their tombstone, there is an icon 
to the right of their name.


Directions:  From Abingdon, Virginia go northwest approximately 5 miles 
on Highway 19 to Rich Valley Road/700, then turn left (west) and go 
approximately 6.5 miles to near 11547 Rich Valley Road. 
The cemetery is next to the church on the south side of the road.

Coordinates: N 36.706347  W 82.154652


This mid-sized, rural cemetery is comprised of approximately 400+ tombstones.
 It is located next to Fleenor Baptist Memorial Church, and is maintained and active. 
It is surrounded by a chain-link fence and gate.

Click on the icon to the right of each name to view tombstone photos.  

Please note the asterisks* after various names throughout the index.
* signifies that this particular person appears on our personal genealogy website, and is connected to our family. A great deal of information might be contained on our website for those particular people.  This website can be reached by going to the following site:  andis.azboman.net


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________, Mollie - 1874 (funeral marker)

Adams, James David 
Anders, Lucille (stone states Lucile L) 
Anderson, Danny H   

Andis, M A - This is listed in the book as "very old stone, illegible".  
See information on M A Andis here

Andis, Michael  *


Beachboard, Charlie (incorrectly transcribed as Chartie) 
Bevins, C M Q (incorrectly transcribed as C M O Blevins) 
Bevins, Cordelia (incorrectly transcribed as Blevins) 
Bevins, James M (incorrectly transcribed as Blevins) 
Bevins, Jane A (incorrectly transcribed as Blevins)  * 
Bishop, Bobby L   
Black, David B 
Black, Gillie Pierce 
 Black, infant 
 Black, Maggie A 
 * Blaylock, George Frank   
* Blaylock, Nellie V   
* Blaylock, William M   
* Booher, Anna   
Booher, B M 
Booher, Eliza L   
Booher, Faye (McCroskey) 
 Booher, Gregory A   
Booher, Jane (Crawford) 
Booher, Louisa      
Booher, Mary E   

Booher, William C - 1858 - 1948 

Booher, W C and Mrs 

* Booher, William T   
Bowman, Amos R   
Bowman, Billie J   
Bowman, Charles R   
Bowman, Edmond "Barnes"   *
Bowman, Edward Barn(e)s  death certificate
* , Epperson P   
Bowman, Ernest L   
Bowman, Harry H (stone states Hary H)   
Bowman, Howard C   
, Isabell  
Bowman, James C  
Bowman, Julia Ann    
Bowman, Lula Mae (Witt)   *
Bowman, Lula S   
Bowman, Minnie B 
Bowman, Nannie  
Bowman, Ora Elizabeth (Hutton)   obituary
, Paul R   
* Bowman, Sarah   
* Bowman, Seaton J   
* Bowman, Seaton T   
* Bowman, W Tye   

Brewer, Charley F - born 05 Aug 1872 *
(only date, on crude native stone, crudely carved - not found in 2009) 
Charley, a native of Washington Co, VA was the son
 of Davis and Susanah (Fleenor) Brewer.

Brewer, Davis  * 
 Brewer, Susanah - born 09 Nov 1869 *
(only date, on crude native stone, crudely carved - not found in 2009)
Susanah, native of Washington Co, VA was the daughter of 
Davis and Susannah "Susan" (Fleenor) Brewer. She died between 1870-1880. 

Brewer, Susannah 
 * Brummett, Callie D   
 * Brummett, Cecil   
* Brummett, Edgar F 
, Martha F  
 Brummett, William R 


* not listed in "High on a Windy Hill" index


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Valerie Ann (Biberdorf) Boman  and Debra (Larson) Branigan - 2007