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 Please note the asterisks* after various names throughout the index.
* signifies that this particular person appears on our personal genealogy website, and is connected to our family. A great deal of information might be contained on our website for those particular people.  This website can be reached by going to the following site:

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* Goodson, Betty H (Hutton)   
* Goodson, Marshall Washington   
* Goodson, Myrtle (Rock)   
Gowin, Sarah Jane    


* H, K - next to Daisy Hall (below) 
* Hall, Daisy Mae 
  Hall, Mary Louise "Mollie" (Booher) *
 Harley, Layton Eugene 
Hobbs, Jemima (Kaylor)  
  Hobbs, John Steven   * obituary
 Hutton, Gertrude (Leonard)   
Hutton, Edward A 
 Hutton, J C  
 Hutton, Lola May  
 Hutton, Lucille M 
 * Hutton, Marshall J 
 * Hutton, Mary Elizabeth M 
 Hutton, Nannie Rosa "Belle" (Stewart)   * obituary
 Hutton, Nora Virginia  
 Hutton, Ruth (Crawford) 
Hutton, Viola E   
 Hutton, William L "Bill"  * obituary
 Hutton, Zela V  


* Jackson, Mima A (Kaylor) *
Johnson, Juanita 


 Kaylor, Charlie F 
 Kaylor, David   *

* Kaylor, Elizabeth "Lizzie" (Worley) *
Kaylor, infant   

 Kaylor, Jane - see Lytz, Jane (Kaylor)

 Kaylor, Jessie Monroe Jr  

 Kaylor, John - 22 Dec 1854 - 31 Aug 1895
(per death certificate, John died 31 Aug 1875)

Kaylor, Lillie Mae (Pippin)   obituary

* Kaylor, Margaret J (Dishner) (unmarked) *

Kaylor, Vivian (unmarked) *

 Kaylor, S K - 25 Feb 1843; age 9 m


  Leonard, Amanda A 
Leonard, Amanda E (Fleenor)   
Leonard, Barney R 
 Leonard, Charmie Gay  
Leonard, Fred L  
Leonard, L V  
Leonard, Louise F  
Leonard, Manuel F  
Lovelace, Gaynell F 
Lovelace, James Eddie 
Lytz, Ada Pearl 

 Lytz, Jane (Kaylor) - 11 Jan 1852 - 30 Sep 1871; *
Jane was the daughter of Hiram and Catherine (Fleenor) Kaylor. 
She married Walter J Lytz 16 Sep 1870 in Washington Co, VA. 
They had one son, Gilts Lytz.

Lytz, William I  

* not listed in "High on a Windy Hill" index


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